Top 5 Most Expensive Women's Shoes

Top 5 Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Top 5 Most Expensive Women’s Shoes These shoes were not made for walking, they’re mainly for showing off. Most pairs of shoes in this list have stiletto heels and if that not reason enough to limit your steps. Perhaps the diamonds and rubies attached to them will. Take a look at these extravagant beauties which go beyond luxury as we reveal. The tops 5 most expensive pairs of women’s shoes in the world!

If you’ve got lots of money and you are a big fashion follower. Then for sure, you must be spending money on shoes. Women absolutely love wearing expensive shoe brands. Richest celebrities and people like to get a branded pair of shoes and they fill their closets with them. Today branded girls are going to cover following in this post:- Top 5 Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

Tanzanite Heels – €1.68 million

This list could almost a called ‘the 5 most expensive shoes in the world by Stuart Weitzman. The first three items on the list designed by this man. These tanzanite heels are worth over €1.5 million euros thanks to a range of diamonds and gemstones. To be precise: 185 carats of bright blue tanzanite gemstones and 28 carats of diamonds. All set in silver.

Top 5 Most Expensive Women's Shoes
Tanzanite Heels | Tendingfashion | Deepak Jha

Cinderella slippers – €1.68 million

These shoes truly look like they belong to a fairy-tale princess. Stuart Weitzman designed these stiletto heels as a tribute to Cinderella, adding 565 Kwiat diamonds to the fine Italian leather for a mesmerising effect.

 Rita Hayworth Heels – €2.5 million

These high heels designed by Stuart Weitzman we inspired by a pair of Rita Hayworth’s earrings; inside the folded flowers on the shoes, you find a beautiful earring made of diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. The chocolate brown leather and satin creates a refreshing contrast with the shiny gemstones and is quite unlike other Stuart Weitzman creations.

Ruby Slippers – €2.5 million Top 5 Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

This pair of magic shoes, worn by Dorothy Gale in the musical movie. The Wizard of Oz’, became a genuine fairy-tale when Harry Winston created a pair with actual rubies. He did so in honor of the 50th anniversary. The Wizard of Oz: a beautiful pair of slippers covered in 4,600 rubies with an estimated weight of 1,350 carats. A line of 50 carats of diamonds accentuates the bow and the top of the shoes. Originally in the story of L. Frank Baum, Dorothy wears silver shoes, but they magically turned red once the Technicolor movie came out. 

 Debbie Wingham Stilettos – €12.7 million Top 5 Most Expensive Women’s Shoes

he British designer Debbie Wingham once created. The world’s most expensive cake (€53.8 million) and the world’s most expensive dress (€13 million); so it’s not surprising a wealthy (unnamed) family asked her to design an extravagant pair of shoes as a birthday gift. The handmade stiletto shoes made from leather with a 24K gold coating stitched together with 18K gold thread.

The pink and blue diamonds on the stilettos are extremely rare and large, costing about €11 million alone. To add to the value and extravagance of the shoes, four flawless three-carat white diamonds, and 1,000 pointers. Diamonds used to emphasize the cake-like design of the shoes. The zips and plaques underneath the shoes are solid gold. Now that is a pair of shoes to show off! 

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