Top 5 Luxury Watch For Women

Top 5 Luxury Watch For Women

Top 5 Luxury Watch For Women A dainty watch often encrusted with jewels and precious stones has been a treasured component of a woman’s collection of jewellery and accessories for a long time now. In recent times, the cell phone has efficiently served as a timekeeping device. However, women’s watches continue to find favour as exquisite accessories that compliment all variations of women’s clothing.

Best 5 Type For watches For Women

A woman with refined taste in fashion and style often has more than a few wristwatches she calls her own. Some of these watches are for everyday use, but it’s not uncommon for a woman to possess one or more high-end watches that she treasures. The list below contains all the information you could need on the Top 5 Luxury Watch For Women brands that are bound to find favour this year. Read further to know more.

Gucci watches

If you love Gucci for their contribution to women’s fashion, we can guarantee you that you will love the latest collection of Gucci watches. Designer watches are bound to be big this year, and Gucci will lead the way. The images below are just examples of a wide range of Gucci luxury watches for women that provide high value for your money.

Gucci Watches | Tendingfashion |Deepak Jha

Bulgari Serpenti

If you are in search of a designer watch that is understated yet elegant, its shame if you do not consider the Bulgari Serpenti collection. This collection was launched last year, but we can assure you that it will continue to trend this year. The Bulgari Serpenti collection is characterized by a small dial with slim leather straps in vibrant colours that are well suited to accessorize a slim wrist. Top 5 Luxury Watch For Women

Top 5 Luxury Watch For Women
Bulgari Serpenti | Tendingfashion | Deepak Jha

Coach Collection

You can’t go wrong with the iconic All-American fashion label that is Coach; it’s a perfect choice when seeking a designer watch with an emphasis on femininity and elegant design. The Coach collection of watches for women features floral embossed leather straps and encrusted diamonds which are truly indicative of their luxury value.  Coach has a whole range of watches for women that are bound to find favour this year. Top 5 Luxury Watch For Women

Chopard Watch

Chopard is a known name for exquisite women’s jewellery and accessories so the fact that they have a whole collection of luxury watches is no major surprise. The Chopard Happy Sports Diver model is one brilliant example of the excellence in luxury timekeeping devices at Chopard. The watch is a brilliant shade of blue with an obvious marine theme, and the price is rather heavy on the purse. But isn’t that a sign of a truly world-class luxury wristwatch that will make waves this year.  The watch contains five large free-falling diamonds on the dial which adequately justify the high price tag. Top 5 Luxury Watch For Women

Rolex Watches

While Rolex is more widely known as a luxury wristwatch brand for men, Rolex watches for women are just as exquisite and advanced. Rolex has a whole range of wristwatches for women of fine tastes to choose from. However, let’s concentrate on the Rolex Pearlmaster which is the brand’s swansong of jewellery watches. Top 5 Luxurious watch for women

Top 5 Luxurious watch for women
Rolex Watches | Tendingfashion | Deepak Jha

The Pearlmaster boast of 18-carat pink gold alloy, dial in different colours, and even gold dust and diamonds. All of the components above amalgamate to create an accessory that a woman is bound to covet. The Swiss certified chronometer on the Rolex Pearlmaster contributes further to its luxury appeal. With a rose gold finish and delicate design, the Pearlmaster is sure to find favour in this year; just as it did last year. Top 5 Luxurious watch for women

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