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Top 5 Best Saree Styles Wear

Top 5 Best Saree Styles Wear saree (Sari) is India’s looks national dress for females. The word sari derived from a Sanskrit word which means strip of cloth. Sati’s literal meaning good for the sari. Because it a piece of stitched fabric that ranges from 4 yards to 9 yards. The size of the sari varies because of the different styles that a sari worn in India. Depending on the style the length of sari required different sari

Fashion trends in India change every now and then, but there’s one constant that remains: the classic Indian saree. Since time immemorial, the saree has been India’s very own garment that has always reflected a woman’s beauty and elegance. India has a treasure of different saree varieties and styles that have even inspired the international fashion world. There are a number of ways a saree is draped in different parts of India and here are our top picks of the most traditional styles. Top 5 Best Saree Styles Wear

Legenga Or The Petticoat

The garment is worn to cover the body from waist to toes. It has no bodice and it tightly tied around the waist with the help of a drawstring. To this, underskirt/petticoat, the sari will tuck. It serves the purpose of holding the sari onto the waist and also acts as opaque underneath garment. It should choose to complement the sari that will drape and should match the colour of the sari.

Nauvari saree

In Maharashtra, there’s a completely unique style of draping a saree, called navarin (nine-yard saree). It is worn like a dhoti (loincloth), with one end going front to back between the legs, which is then tucked around the waist, while the other end or upper part is draped much like a normal saree. The folk dance of Maharashtra, Lavani, best demonstrates this nauvari saree-draping style. Not only does this particular style make women look elegant, but it also allows easy leg movements. Top 5 Best Saree Styles Wear

Choli Or Blouse

The Choli or Blouse garment is worn to cover the upper body which has no midriff and ends just below the bust. The choli needs to be tight-fitting and should complement the sari. The blouse, not an undergarment and seen outside. It can short-sleeved or sleeveless with a range of necklines.

Top 5 Best Saree Styles Wear
Choli Or Blouse |TendingFashion | Deepak Jha

Dhoti Saree

Dhoti style saree is very easy and quick to adorn. Make sure that you use the fabric like chiffon to clearly display the drape of this style. Plus, don’t go for printed sarees because this will blur the clear vision of dhoti like a drape. You just need an attractive blouse & a pair of Lycra tights to hold the drape. All these points are very important to keep the look of the draping style uptight & next to perfection. Always remember to put on your shoes before draping any style to make sure the correct length of the saree. Let’s sneak into various steps to achieve this trendy & sassy draping style of saree. Top 5 Best Saree Styles Wear

Atpoure shari

One of the most identifiable saree-draping styles is the Bengali atpoure shari. This traditional Bengali saree comes in white colour and has a red border. It is draped with box pleats in the front, while the pallu (veil) appears on both shoulders. The veil comes from the back on the left shoulder first and then comes from the back on the right shoulder. It used to be prevalent for Bengali women to tie a bunch of keys to the veil end that goes over the right shoulder – this used to signify an important woman and, therefore, she commanded respect and honour. Top 5 Best Saree Styles Wear

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