June 19, 2021

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HD Viral Video App, in which you watch viral videos with different categories in the app

HD Viral Videos | The latest quality video   collection is all the videos that are trending or viral in the world. HD Viral Videos is a video application that gives you the best experience of getting the most exciting videos from around the world with a single click. The team behind the project pays close attention to worldwide trends and updates you whenever a video comes up in trends. The most interesting thing about HD viral video is that the user does not always have to see what is trending. We’ll notify you in your notification bar whenever a video starts trending.

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The horse ran away with the groom:

A video of an angry horse running away from the groom has gone viral on social media.

The video of the horse running with the groom went viral on social media

With the wedding season in full swing, wedding ceremonies are being held across the state. Then a controversial incident took place in Roda village of Patan district. In which the bridegroom, riding on a horse at the groom’s party, fled with the angry horse. The video of the horse running away from the groom with the groom has recently gone viral on social media.

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In Roda village of Patan, the groom was dancing on horseback. Meanwhile the horse suddenly got out of control and ran away with the groom. Videos of this ridiculous incident have gone viral on social media. Scenes of people running away with the groom were seen.

According to the information received, a youth of the Goddess-worshiping community was organized at Roda in Roda village. The incident has been spotted at a wedding party. The video of the bride’s escape went viral on social media and became a topic of discussion across the city and district

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